8 Reasons Why You Should Choose This Asset Tracking System

Our System Advantages

Other Asset Software

Unmatched Administrator Control

Admins within Passport have access to more than 50 different control features, making it easy to configure this inventory management application for your organization's unique needs.

Minimal Administrator Control

The amount of Administrator control for most other software applications is considered minimal, at best. Be sure to ask the vendor what features an admin can control within their software.

Smartphone / Mobile App Capabilities

The Passport mobile app is specifically designed to work on your mobile devices. Experience the power of Passport in the palm of your hand.

Browser-based Capabilities

The mobile browser is dead, long live the app. Be aware, some other systems can only be accessed through mobile browsers which can't perform all the functions of a real mobile app.

User-Defined Data Fields

Flexibility is built-in. Within Passport there are options to configure the main menu and over a thousand data fields. Users have the unparalleled ability to add, hide, and rename them so that the system fits specific tracking needs.

Built-in Data Fields

Users are constrained to predetermined data fields. This can make organizing and navigating through the software like navigating through a foreign land.

Report Wizard

Generate as many asset tracking reports as you'd like in order to fulfill job functions. Users can filter and sort through the data fields to include in a report before printing, exporting, or emailing it directly from the system.

Built-in Reports

Good luck trying to get your message across to management with the limited reporting capabilities of built-in reports.

True Mobility

Sync your mobile barcode scanner from wherever you are using Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE. Passport allows you to easily and quickly add new items, update locations, and perform physical inventory.

Hard-to-use Scanners

The mobile component of other systems is an add-on, an afterthought... you'd be better off sticking with pen and paper to track your assets.

Easily Add Modules

Passport users consistently receive access to new modules, which they can add at any time. System updates can be downloaded online at their own convenience.

Difficult Upgrades

Fixed, periodic upgrades require that you send in your database for a time consuming overhaul. Other asset software packages have features that you are stuck with whether you need them or not.

Configurable Alerts

You have the ability to configure more than 100 alert notifications within the system to send via email and SMS text. A couple examples are if you want to be notified when an overdue asset is due to returned or if a specific asset changes location.

Packaged Impersonal Alerts

Other asset tracking solutions provide ready-made alerts with irrelevant notifications that do you no good.

Track Unlimited Items

That's right, Passport runs on a full-fledged non-proprietary database so you won't be held to any tracking standards when it comes to quantity.


It sounds cost effective, but those fees never go away and then you're stuck deciding how to limit the use of the system to save money (not a good situation).

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