Inventory Management and Accounting Made Easy

Our Inventory System allows users to sync their stock items with Quickbooks Accounting Software. This integration offers the ability to perform inventory management tasks using handheld barcode scanners, which streamlines manual transactions and the process of generating bills, invoices, and item receipts.

Sync Data Among the Two Systems

With one simple click, users can sync their stock items, vendors, sales orders and customers from Quickbooks into our Inventory System. A time-saving process that will assist users in tracking their assets without the hassle of handling two Systems.

Inventory Solution for Accounting Software
Inventory Solution for Accounting Software

Extend the Capabilities of Your Accounting Solution

Track items by location, which is a key inventory requirement that lacks in most accounting systems. Your stockroom personnel and employees can perform standard inventory tasks while our Inventory System handles the flow of that information into QuickBooks. With QuickBooks integration, users are able to unite and track inventory, customers and order management.

Schedule the Data Syncing

Save time and money by improving complex tasks. Users are able to schedule the syncing of data among two Systems by determining the run time. Users select the start date, time, and the recurrence pattern they wish. In addition, this features offers the capability to designate one person to receive notification by email incase an error occurs. This procedure increases flexibility and workflow within any organization.

Inventory Solution for Accounting Software

Benefits and Features

Inventory System icon 1
One click data sync (bi-directional)
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Integrate stock items, assemblies, purchase and sales orders, vendors and customers.
Inventory System icon 6
Automatically generate a bill/receipt in QuickBooks when a PO is received.
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Receive to a default location or to a barcode scanned location.
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Automatically generate an invoice in Quickbooks when a sales order is issued.
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Sync inventory levels and accounting info between the two systems.
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