Rely on Well-Timed Insights

With Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System's Scheduled Reporting feature, you can create reports based on your specific reporting criteria, and have them automatically delivered on a schedule you designate. Customize and personalize reports for different business units, giving everyone access to the data relevant to their team when they need it.

Generate Your Own Inventory Reports

Select report criteria and set filters for the data that will be visible in the reports with the easy-to-use report wizard. The process of creating a report is very straightforward and can be accomplished quickly. Passport allows you to export reports to common file types such as a PDF or Excel files so that you can shared conveniently.

Create Custom Inventory Reports

Automated and Flexible Report Delivery

Set custom email delivery schedules to align your teams efforts and keep everyone on the same page. Pick the report recurrence pattern and the delivery day(s) of the week.

Automated and Flexible Report Delivery
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