Advanced Stock Inventory 

The base system functionality in ASAP Systems' inventory management and asset tracking system is for basic, quantity–based inventory such as nuts and bolts, bin items, or boxes, cases and pallets of product. Advanced Stock Inventory is available for business that need to track quantity–based stock inventory supplies, including:

  • Batch lot inventory - Example: food, chemicals, medical supplies or production lot tracking

  • Serialized inventory - Example: appliances or electronics

  • Inventory with an expiration date - Example: food items or medicine

  • Non–inventoried items - Example: labor hours or low or no value piece parts

  • Last In, First Out (LIFO)  and First, In First Out (FIFO)

Control Quantity, Quality, and Traceability

When you receive an item into inventory it can be assigned a batch or lot number that remains with the item throughout the inventory lifecycle. The feature takes the hassle out of ordering new batches, improves record-keeping, and prevents inventory wastage.

Quick Physical Inventory

Taking physical inventory of batch, lot, serialized, or standard stock items is made easy with the ability to create and print barcode catalogs within the system.

Sortable and Searchable Inventory

Passport lets you sort and filter through current stock data by batch/lot number so you can find information and streamline your day-to-day inventory tasks.

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