Gain Dual Tracking Capabilities

Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System enables you to turn inventory into assets for tracking and accounting purposes. The feature makes it easy to take serialized stock inventory and reclassify them as assets, automatically carrying identification information such as serial number and cost with them.

This feature is only available to users with Passport Suite (Stock and Asset).

Unified Inventory and Asset Management

Although normally tracked in separate systems, this conversion can now be accounted for and managed without headaches in one complete system. Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System allows you to automatically shift your method of tracking from stock management to asset management with one mouse click.

Unified Inventory and Asset Management

From Warehouse to Installation

Help your team simplify the management of inventory that is originally received in the warehouse or created via assembly as individual items. Once the item is issued out and installed at a job site or customer location, it will be individually tracked throughout its useful life, including all maintenance and repair services performed on it. Furthermore, the stock inventory level and cost is automatically adjusted after the item is issued out.

Track from Warehouse to Installation
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