Material Inventory Management Software

Textile manufacturers and handlers use Passport to track complex variables pertaining to textile rolls and spools. Inventory management with Passport makes day-to-day tasks, such as data entry, collection and roll length/weight monitoring an automated and systematic operation.

Reduce Partial Rolls and Wasted Textiles

You can manage and label individual rolls by location and a manufacturer or system-generated unique roll I.D number. This ensures that the correct rolls are being consumed without wasting materials or labor hours.

Reduce Partial Textile Rolls

Material Management Features:

  • Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses

  • Supports FIFO and LIFO inventory practices

  • Sync scanned data via USB Cradle, Wi-Fi or 4G Mobile

  • Receive using PO’s and issue against SO’s

  • Receive using Unit Of Measure (UOM) Multiplier

  • Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations

  • Issue to Customers / Jobs / Production / Scrap

  • Set Up Automatic Reorder by Quantity

  • Conduct Physical Inventory and Cycle Count

  • Barcode Labels and Catalogs

  • Create Inventory Lists, Bill Of Materials (BOM), and Pick Lists