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Streamline tool tracking and tool crib management with equipment tracking software made for construction.

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The Importance of Tool Tracking Within Your Business

One of the biggest challenges in the construction space is having a handle on your assets and inventory which are spread across multiple locations. Whether tools are stolen, lost in transit, or misallocated across worksites, all these can cause your revenue to plummet.

You can avoid the above by implementing supply and tool tracking across your company. Aside from helping to reduce losses, you can accurately forecast future inventory needs so you always have the right amount of supply on hand.

Inventory and Asset Management Allows You to Track

  • Blueprints, permits, and other essential documents
  • Tools and supplies
  • Project duration
  • Consumables and raw materials
  • Vests, hard hats, and other safety supplies
  • Vehicles and heavy equipment

Key Construction Tool Tracking Benefits

  • Increased accountability and control
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Eliminate missed maintenance and calibration schedules
  • Account for lost and misplaced equipment
  • Instantly know where items are located
  • Always have the right amount of consumables

Monitor Tool Crib Access

Reduce downtime and tool replacement costs with the automatic timestamp feature of Passport. By establishing a chain of custody for all your assets, you can track equipment which is lent out from your tool crib. Staff can also ensure they have the tools they need for their job through Passport’s built in reservation feature.

tool crib
construction inventory management

Never Go Without Supplies

Accurately tracking consumables and raw materials with paper and pen is impossible for even the most experienced construction professionals. Passport’s construction inventory management capabilities allow you to forecast inventory needs in advance so you save money by purchasing the right amount of supplies in bulk.

Mobile Construction Management

When you’re in the field, manually taking inventory and logging assets typically leads to inaccurate records and lost revenue. Passport’s support for Android and iOS devices enables you to manage data while traveling between job sites. Rugged barcode scanners also allow you to rapidly take inventory in even the harshest environments.

Mobile tool Tracking
equipment tracking software reports

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Stay atop your business operations with scheduled reports along with detailed analysis of key trends within your business. Whether you need to take physical inventory, view history reports, or monitor low inventory, Passport has you covered. You also can generate custom reports for complex projects.

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