Tool and Equipment Management Solutions

It’s no secret that tools and equipment represent a major investment for contractors and construction businesses, so it makes sense to track these assets accurately as they are loaned out and moved across multiple sites. Avoid project delays and purchasing new tools each year by cataloging your inventory with barcodes, reporting on tool usage, and making everything easy to find.

Monitor Tool Crib Access

Reduce tool replacement costs with the real-time tracking and timestamp functions of Passport. By establishing a digital audit trail for all your assets, you can effortlessly track who has what equipment, when it was checked out, what tools are available/reserved, and when tools are due to be returned.

Monitor Tool Crib Access

Mobile Construction Management

When you’re in the field, manually taking inventory typically leads to inaccurate records and lost productivity. The Passport Mobile App for rugged, dedicated barcodes scanners, as well as Android and iOS devices, enables you to perform transactions and manage data while you work.

Mobile Construction Management

Always Have Enough Supplies

In addition to equipment tracking, Passport allows you to efficiently manage supplies and raw materials (no more spreadsheets or paperwork!). Inventory management software capabilities allow you to address inventory needs, such as purchase orders, reordering and bulk supply transfers, within the same system.

Efficient Construction Supply Usage

Key Construction Tool Tracking Benefits

  • Increased accountability and control

  • Eliminate data entry errors

  • Maintain maintenance, repair and calibration schedules

  • Account for borrowed, damaged and misplaced equipment

  • Instantly know where items are located

  • Create custom barcodes and catalogs

  • Always have the right amount of consumables

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