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ASAP Systems Announces a Breakthrough in the Healthcare Industry by developing and expanding how Biomedical Devices of Kansas tracks inventory using its Inventory and Asset Tracking System.

(Texas, Austin)
ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking, Passport,  improves Biomedical Devices of Kansas operations by effectively automating the tracking of their inventory.
Biomedical Devices of Kansas is a Contract Manufacturing Organization which specializes in the manufacturing of medical devices and offers turnkey solutions. Biomedical Devices of Kansas needed to change their previous manual tracking system due to human error problems and resultant inaccuracies. The company learned about ASAP Systems’ Passport, a desktop based software application with mobile barcode scanners driven by the matching mobile app. Passport removed the problem of manually conducting physical inventory by providing a mobile barcode scanner.
Biomedical Devices of Kansas wanted to know its on-hand inventory at any time and also wanted the ability to use hand-held systems to read barcodes and update remotely.  Passport effectively met these requirements.
“ We feel the Passport System is going to be not only important but …

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ASAP Systems, an inventory tracking SaaS provider, announces a new sales tax reporting feature.

All countries, states, counties, cities, and sometimes even districts have different tax rates, which means invoices have to be individually adjusted according to the place of business. This is complicated and time-consuming. With ASAP Systems’ BarCloud, a cloud-based inventory tracking solution, this problem has been solved. BarCloud’s new configurable tax rate option allows customers to edit the tax rate of their sales transaction before issuing an invoice. Customers easily edit the value of their tax rate by following a short step by step tutorial (see instructional video above).
Issued invoices can also be modified and designed according to the specific needs of the company or industry. In addition, by adding a sales tax option to the Issue History, our inventory reporting feature is further enhanced.
ASAP Systems offers configurable and modular systems for inventory management and asset tracking, suitable for any industry and market. BarCloud, our cloud-based solution, can be accessed from …

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ASAP Systems’ Inventory Solution Helps Wintergreen Rescue & Fire Effectively Solve Their Tracking Challenges

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution, is pleased to announce the launch of Wintergreen Fire Department and Wintergreen Rescue Squad’s inventory and asset tracking solution.
Wintergreen Rescue & Fire comprises the Wintergreen Fire Department and Wintergreen Rescue Squad, both 501c3 nonprofit organizations.  Wintergreen provides fire suppression and emergency medical services to the citizens of Wintergreen Resort as well as Nelson and Augusta Counties in Virginia.
Wintergreen Fire Department required a solution for tracking medical equipment and stock inventory. ASAP Systems delivered Passport, its premier Inventory Management, and Asset Tracking System. With a combination of assets and equipment utilized in multiple locations, Wintergreen needed to track the use of inventory and medical equipment including consumable items with expiration dates.
ASAP Systems’ Inventory and Asset Barcode-based solution provides a comprehensive inventory system tracking expiration date as well as batch lots by order, date or expiration; serialized medical supplies; …

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ASAP Systems Announces its Newly Enhanced Shopping Cart Feature for its Inventory System

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions, has significantly improved its Shopping Cart Feature. With its user-friendly interface, shoppers are now able to easily place orders, search their order history, flag their favorite categories and items, and get automated status notifications.  In addition, the shopping cart administrators now have the ability to easily configure the use of the Shopping Cart by following a few simple steps.
This enhanced Shopping Cart divides its users into three categories: Shoppers, Administrators and Inventory Systems Users.

Shoppers simply order items from the available inventory in the warehouse.
Administrators pre-configure the shopping cart for ease of use by the shoppers.
Inventory System Users are the warehouse folks who pick, pack and ship the items ordered by the shoppers.

Shoppers within medium to large organizations such as IT Companies, Fire Departments or Military Installations can simply log into the Shopping Cart and instantly view available items in …

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ASAP Systems enhances “Stock to Asset” Feature for its Inventory System.

(Austin, Texas)
ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions, reveals the enhancement of the Stock to Asset Feature for its Inventory System. ASAP Systems strives to give its customers the maximum flexibility when working with their asset Tracking Solution.
The Feature “Stock to Asset“ allows the user to convert inventory stock items into assets in one transaction, instead of going through several transactions for the same outcome. Usually, whenever an item is used or removed from the stock inventory, the user will have to go through the Issue or Dispose Transactions in order to remove the item from his inventory. Also, when adding an item to the asset inventory, the user goes through required and time-consuming transactions to enter the new data.
Now, however, Stock to Asset Feature facilitates this process of converting an existing stock item into an asset in one simple transaction. The converted item becomes …

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ASAP Systems, an Inventory Tracking SaaS Provider, Announces its enhanced Sales Order feature

(San Jose, California)
ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking solutions based in San Jose, California, announces the enhancement of its system’s Sales Order feature. Each item is listed in the sales order with its price and unique information record. When the customer arrives at your company or warehouse location and is ready to pick up all the items, you just need to make one issue transaction for the sales order.
Consequently, the system will automatically deduct all the items and quantities that are directly entered into your inventory. Therefore, instead of issuing or picking up transactions for the stock items one by one the sales order that you previously saved can be automatically used.
With ASAP Systems’ enhanced sales order feature, customers now have a time-saving strategy to register sales orders. For example, when a customer orders 20 items of inventory stock, just one issue transaction needs to …

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ASAP Systems Announces the New Purchase Order – Sales Order Approval Cycle in BarCloud

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions, has greatly enriched the Approval Cycle feature to increase Inventory Management and Asset Tracking productivity. Clients now have the option to create an approval cycle for Purchase Orders and Sales Orders that is specific to one or multiple vendors or customers. With the Approval Cycle’s highly configurable menu, users can have even more control over their stock and assets.
Clients who wish to create a new cycle will find this option under the System Configuration screen. To generate the approval cycle, users must first enable the feature and choose their preferences, including vendors (in the case of the Purchase Order), customers (in the case of the Sales Order), and users (approvers) based on the sites where they are located. After selecting the suppliers or customers, the client has the choice of enabling up to two approvals. Once the approval(s) …

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ASAP Systems, an Inventory Tracking SaaS Provider, Announces its New Enhanced Active Directory Sync Feature


ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions, enhances its Active Directory Sync feature. Customers now have the ability to manage their users by deleting inactive users, and ‘integrating’ their list of users directly from the active directory to their inventory system. With the enhanced AD Sync feature, customers can now manage their directory of users and avoid the accumulation of inactive users and excess data.
After logging into their asset tracking solution, customers should select the Admin tab then go to ‘Integration Settings’ then ‘Active Directory’. Click on a group of users and press ‘Sync’. This will open a new page divided into six categories. The first category is ‘Total AD Users’. This category represents users that are available in the active directory. They are labeled with a username and site. Some are active while others are inactive. You may choose whether to keep them or delete them. The …

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ASAP Systems announces the integration of RFID into its Asset Tracking Solution BarCloud

Austin, TX  May 9, 2018
ASAP Systems, the leader in inventory system and asset tracking solutions, adapts the RFID technology in its cloud-based asset tracking system, BarCloud.  With ASAP Systems’ RFID technology, companies can perform a detailed inventory of fixed assets 90% faster than single-handedly scanning barcodes. Additionally, labor costs are reduced by 40% and accuracy improves up to 95%.
“We developed our cloud application with a modular design to quickly assess each customer’s specific challenges while creating affordable, custom solutions for them,” said Elie Jean Touma, CEO ASAP Systems. “With the adaptation of RFID into our BarCloud application, tracking those assets becomes efficient, effective and accurate.”
In addition to the browser application, ASAP Systems’ BarCloud has a mobile application for iPhone and Android devices. The RFID handheld reader connects via Bluetooth for reading tags. By using the RFID reader tracking device and a smartphone, companies can perform transactions such as receive and …

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Configurability with Custom Data Fields and User Access Control

Austin, Tx.  April 24, 2018
For over two decades, ASAP Systems continues to enhance its Inventory Systems and Asset Tracking solutions with the sole purpose of enhancing user productivity. By constantly staying on top of cutting-edge technology; incorporating the latest smart devices; enhancing new-user training; and relying on artificial intelligence, ASAP Systems promotes a customer-centric environment focusing on the best possible service for every customer.
ASAP Systems provides customers with easy-to-use and reliable products with the inclusion of user-defined data collection fields. From years of experience, ASAP Systems found allowing customer-defined data collection fields provides a smoother transition when using Inventory Management or Asset Tracking systems. Through the company’s vast research into customer’s use of the system, ASAP Systems determined customer’s ability to define data collection fields by company terminology improves the user experience through:

Facilitating training;
Clearer divide between fields for every user;
Understanding of reports based on data collected; and
Improving the learning curve for …

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