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Leading Online Inventory Management Solution, BarCloud, Now Connects to Hundreds of Business Applications

San Jose, California (PRWEB) January 13, 2015
BarCloud, the complete online inventory management and asset tracking system, today announced a new integration with Zapier that connects users to over 300 web tools including SalesForce, Magento, Google Apps, Xero, and more. These integrations extend the usefulness of BarCloud by helping users dynamically connect data between online apps without the need for custom development work.
“As the first inventory management solution integrated with Zapier, BarCloud will greatly expand the possibilities of our automation platform, helping our users get their jobs done more easily,” said Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier.
BarCloud has been growing rapidly and recently became the first inventory management and asset tracking application to launch in Zapier’s “Zapbook”. Users of all BarCloud pricing plans may now leverage CRM, email, accounting, e-commerce, and task management platforms with a free or paid subscription to the Zapier web automation platform.
“Connectivity has been a leading customer request, so adding the functionalities within …

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ASAP Systems Makes a Breakthrough in the IT Consulting Industry with its Scalable Asset Management System

San Jose, California (PRWEB) January 06, 2015
ASAP Systems, a leading provider of inventory management and asset tracking systems, teamed up with Octo Consulting Group to help them effectively track IT assets during their recent expansion. The system’s scalable functionalities met Octo’s asset management needs, especially with regard to employee onboarding and relocations.
“Passport made it significantly easier for us to manage and track where our assets are, who is responsible for them, and helped us better allocate our time,” expressed Cameron Brent, IT Manager at Octo Consulting Group.
The barcode-based inventory system’s check in/out functionality for assets allows Octo to optimize their employee onboarding process by accurately tracking shared office resources. As employees are hired, or relocated to one of the two new offices, Octo can easily loan assets, such as desktops, laptops, and monitors to them. In addition, the functionality enables the IT department to assign due dates to each checked out asset. Therefore, Brent’s team …

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BarCloud Rated #1 Barcode Scanner App for Online Inventory Management and Asset Tracking

San Jose, California (PRWEB) December 16, 2014
BarCloud, a leading provider of online inventory and asset control systems, has been named first in the 2014 ranking of “Top 30 Barcode Scanner Apps for iOS and Android.” Released by Camcode, experts in barcode solutions, the rankings highlight applications that offer the best barcode scanning functionality within a complete inventory and asset tracking system.
“Simple inventory counting to complex systems, such as batch-lot and serialized inventory, are supported, and you’ll never lose track of shared assets with BarCloud’s check-in and check-out system,” said Nicole Pontius from Camcode.
The online inventory management and asset system provides users with an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. For additional convenience at minimal cost, companies can implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to take advantage of BarCloud’s mobile barcode scanning functionality. Employees, ranging from managers to technicians and clerks, can use their personal smartphones to manage inventory and scan barcodes on …

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ASAP Systems Improves Asset Tracking Performance for Established Audio-Electronics Manufacturer

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) December 02, 2014
ASAP Systems, a market leader in cutting-edge barcode inventory systems, recently developed inventory solutions for audio-electronics giant Shure by implementing Passport, its client-server system. By upgrading to an automated inventory and asset tracking system, Shure was able to improve visibility and accountability over equipment. Shure also saved time and money by streamlining the asset check in/check out processes and preemptively alerting Shure of potential inventory problems.
Passport’s barcode-based capabilities eliminated Shure’s dependence on manually entering inventory data, and prevented numerous record-keeping errors that accompanied their previous system. Shure’s Artist Relations Department (AR) utilized printable barcodes and wireless mobile scanners to quickly log the movement of audio equipment in and out of the system. The intuitive point-and-scan solution improved tracking accuracy and expedited inventory processes.
Nelson Arreguin, an AR associate at Shure, explains the benefits of using ASAP Systems’ efficient equipment checkout tracking, “the magic is in the check-in process…minimizing …

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ASAP Systems Establishes a Smart Inventory System for Tracking Assistive Technology in School Districts

San Jose, California (PRWEB) November 18, 2014
ASAP Systems, a prominent provider of stock inventory and fixed asset tracking solutions, makes a breakthrough in Educational Services by effectively automating MCES’s inventory management and recordkeeping processes. Using Passport in combination with a mobile barcode scanner has allowed MCES to easily distribute and accurately track government funded assistive technology (assets) throughout county schools.
“We wanted a system that could help us track the real-time location and cost of our assets, and how long they were kept within the district,” said Amanda Anderson, Autism Specialist at MCES.
ASAP Systems enhanced MCES’s asset tracking procedures so they could easily and automatically determine the status of assistive technology loaned to special needs students. The organization had over 10,000 assets spread out among nineteen schools within five school districts. This large scope of operations, combined with manual methods of record keeping, contributed to the misplacement of roughly 7% of total assets over the years. …

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ASAP Systems Unveils its Inventory Assembly Feature for Improved Manufacturing Traceability in the Cloud

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2014
ASAP Systems, an industry leader in providing barcode inventory systems, today released the Inventory Assembly feature in BarCloud, its cloud-based SaaS application. BarCloud users now have the ability to easily build assemblies or finished goods from a detailed bill of materials. The new feature enables businesses with inventory for work-in-process (WIP) and light manufacturing to boost end-to-end traceability, productivity, and control.
“We know businesses with light to complex manufacturing processes are tired of using workarounds or multiple software applications to track assemblies along with standard inventory. That is why we designed BarCloud to be a comprehensive inventory solution,” said Greg Wachowiak, Senior VP of Engineering.
Essentially, if you are managing assemblies, BarCloud provides you with the tools you need to make your manufacturing more organized and efficient. You can specify the raw materials and components needed to manufacture each specific product.
For example, in PC assembly, the product requires a predefined motherboard, …

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ASAP Systems Announces the General Availability of its Military Inventory Solution Piloted by the US Air Force

San Jose, California (PRWEB) October 21, 2014
ASAP Systems, a longtime provider of high-performance inventory systems, proudly announced its reimagined Passport inventory solution, available to all branches of the United States Military and Armed Forces. Since implementing the system, Hickam Air Force Base has experienced sustained success using its barcode-based capabilities to manage over $1.8 million worth of medical supplies and equipment. Passport’s newly enhanced and configurable inventory and asset tracking modules, which includes user-defined reporting and system access levels, has improved the visibility and security of military inventory procedures.
“We rely heavily on the configurable report feature in Passport, which provides a distinguished benefit to my team. The system grants the Air Force complete visibility with regard to having the right supplies and amounts in the right locations,” says Captain John Fowler, Critical Care Air Transport Team IT Consultant and Coordinator at Hickam Air Force Base.
Passport’s reporting feature enables military bases to configure report criteria …

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ASAP Systems’ BarCloud Proves Invaluable in Tracking Assistive Technology Inventory for Special Needs Organization

San Jose, California (PRWEB) October 14, 2014
ASAP Systems, a specialist in cloud-based mobile solutions for inventory and asset management, today announced the full implementation of BarCloud at Down Syndrome Connection. The organization of educators, therapists, and caring individuals has served families who have members born with Down Syndrome since 1998. Utilizing the barcode-based system has saved this educational services organization immensely by reducing the time and effort needed to monitor their inventory of Assistive Technology (AT). In addition, the organization has reduced instances of missing devices and school resources.
“We liked BarCloud because of its ease of use and its options to configure data fields, which are what we needed in order to meet our needs here at the connection,” said Karen Baca, Assistive Technology Specialist at Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area.
BarCloud has strengthened Down Syndrome Connection’s educational alliance to eighteen school districts with the ability to easily manage the loaning of thousands of Assistive …

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ASAP Systems Announces Its Inventory and Asset Tracking Solutions for the Healthcare Industry using Passport and BarCloud

San Jose, California (PRWEB) October 08, 2014
Leveraging already proven software with modular and configurable tools, ASAP Systems released a packaged solution for inventory and equipment management for end users in the healthcare industry. Medical offices, hospitals, and clinics require material, consumable, specimens, and asset tracking systems that can handle ever-changing business environments and specific stock inventory needs. With Passport, ASAP Systems’ locally installed system, and BarCloud, its cloud-based system, healthcare companies now have the tools that give them the highest probability of matching their business processes and requirements. They also have the flexibility to start with base functions and add advanced modules as they go.
Passport and BarCloud continue to redefine how medical supplies and equipment are tracked and managed. For example, the systems allow users to automatically track all types of medical supplies by expiration dates as well as serial, batch, or lot numbers. Another built-in feature allows medical offices to automate supply chain …

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ASAP Systems and Intuit Join Forces to Seamlessly Integrate BarCloud with QuickBooks Online

Today, ASAP Systems proudly announces the launch of BarCloud into the Intuit App Center. Intuit’s QuickBooks Online engineers teamed-up with ASAP Systems’ developers to integrate BarCloud inventory functions with QuickBooks Online accounting tasks. BarCloud is the only barcode-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the App Center that complements QuickBooks Online by providing complete and mobile inventory control.
“The QuickBooks Online ecosystem makes it easier than ever to tackle complex business management tasks,” said Ronny Tey, Group Marketing Manager for QuickBooks “By integrating BarCloud into the QuickBooks Online ecosystem, we are providing small businesses with a new option for managing their inventory on the go.”
With this integration, users are able to easily synchronize data between the two systems including vendors, products/items, and customers. Also, BarCloud automates inventory tasks in QuickBooks Online. For example, when you receive items into inventory (via smartphones, tablets, and handheld scanners) BarCloud can automatically create bill payments. When you …

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