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ASAP Systems Helps Fire Department Track Thousands of Inventory and Asset Items at Multiple Locations

San Jose, CA (February 22, 2013)— Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD), located just outside of Washington D.C., is using ASAP Systems’ Passport software with barcode technology and Motorola handheld scanners to track thousands of items throughout its department, including personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, specialty items and supplies. With ASAP Passport, ACFD is able to easily assess and report on expenditures for each station or office location and employee as well as streamline distribution of items to and from the central logistics warehouse to all of ACFD’s ten stations, five training centers and the fire marshal’s office.
A market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems for emergency medical services (EMS) organizations, relief organizations and fire rescue, ASAP Systems’ software offers ACFD advanced inventory control features including custom data fields that allow the department to track items by serial number, model number and expiration date. This is especially important to …

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ASAP Systems Delivers Secure Online Backup of Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Files with Box

New integration brings files from ASAP Systems into Box to ensure data reliability and availability.
San Jose, CA (February 7, 2013) – ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems, today announced an integration with Box to help businesses and organizations of all types to comprehensively track inventory or fixed assets.  Using ASAP Systems’ web­­–based application, ASAP BarCloud, businesses have a convenient, easy way to track and manage all their inventory and asset information in one place, and they can access that information on any platform 24/7.  By leveraging Box’s secure content sharing platform, ASAP customers can also easily backup their data, ensuring it’s protected from disaster and can be restored within hours should something happen.
“Data backup is a critical component of how our customers plan for and manage their tracking systems,” said ASAP Systems’ Chief Technology Officer Greg Wachowiak. “We recommend everyone have a disaster recovery …

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ASAP Systems Announces New Advanced Features for Its Web-Based Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Application

ASAP BarCloud emerging as leading cloud computing software for companies that need to track stock inventory and capital assets.
San Jose, CA (January 17, 2013)—ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems, today announced new enhancements for its cloud-based application, ASAP BarCloud. With its new features, ASAP BarCloud is emerging as an early leader among providers in defining and delivering inventory management and asset tracking solutions online.
Enhancements in ASAP BarCloud include: the ability to rename data field names (essentially customizing the application to the needs of a business) and data backup to Box, a leading provider of online collaboration software.  In addition, ASAP BarCloud is now capable of handling advanced stock inventory, including batch-lot and serial inventory.  Batch­–lot inventory tracking enables companies to track date codes, lot codes and expiration dates.  Serialized inventory allows companies to individually tag items using an ID or serial number.  It also …

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ASAP Systems Launches New Mobile App for Inventory Management and Asset Tracking

Users can now track inventory and capital assets such as IT equipment and furniture anytime, anywhere with their iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device.
San Jose, CA (December 5, 2012)—ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking software, today announced the ASAP BarCloud App for tracking an organization’s inventory as well as its assets with a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. With the ASAP BarCloud App, an organization’s inventory and capital and depreciable assets such as IT equipment, furniture and employee-loaned electronic devices can be quickly received, moved and disposed of as well as checked in and out remotely.  Users can also view current inventory and asset levels, the movement of assets and inventory between different locations, model descriptions and more.
The new mobile app is an extension of ASAP’s recently launched web-based application, ASAP BarCloud.  It can also be used with barcode technology.  Employees …

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ASAP Systems RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking System Chosen to Help Leading Bank Inventory Thousands of Fixed Assets

San Jose, CA (October 11, 2012) — Banque Libano-Francaise (BLF), a leading Middle Eastern bank with $10.2 billion in capital assets and more than 1,000 employees, is tracking 500 plus fixed assets (such as furniture, IT equipment and more) at fifty branches throughout Lebanon using ASAP Systems’ RFID-enabled asset tracking system.  With the robust system, BLF is able to perform a detailed, accurate inventory of all fixed assets at each of its branches in just one day.  The bank is one of three major Middle Eastern banks that have implemented ASAP Systems’ solutions within the last year to reduce labor costs, losses and thefts—and gain greater awareness of fixed assets.
Prior to working with ASAP Systems, BLF was using a barcode solution that was cumbersome and time-consuming due to the large number of fixed assets the bank’s staff was tracking at the company’s multiple locations.  Employees had to go into each office …

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ASAP Systems Helps Global Company PICA Manufacturing Solutions Track the Movement of Parts in Real Time

San Jose, CA (September 14, 2012)—PICA Manufacturing Solutions, a global company that specializes in the design, manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards, is improving the efficiency of its supply chain using ASAP Inventory Systems to track hundreds of parts in real time as they move from vendors through manufacturing, production and assembly in PICA’s U.S., Canadian and Asian locations.  Fully integrated with QuickBooks, ASAP’s inventory management and asset-tracking solution uses barcode and RFID technology with Motorola mobile barcode scanners and smartphones to streamline inventory management and asset tracking.
Prior to working with ASAP Systems, PICA used QuickBooks to track the movement of its parts.  Although a leader in business accounting software, QuickBooks alone does not handle inventory management effectively.  As a result, PICA was experiencing high levels of inaccurate inventory counts at many of its locations, which meant delays in assemblies due to missing inventory or teams running out of …

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ASAP Systems Launches New QuickBooks Consultants Partner Program

Consultants can grow revenue with a 25 percent commission for customer referrals to ASAP Systems’ inventory management and asset tracking software
San Jose, CA (September 7, 2012)—ASAP Systems (, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking software, today announced that QuickBooks Consultants can grow revenue and help clients more efficiently manage their inventory and assets with the ASAP Systems QuickBooks Consultants Partner Program.  The program is free to join and requires no training.  Consultants simply register with ASAP Systems, refer their customers and ASAP Systems will do the rest.  For every referral, ASAP Systems will pay as much as 25 percent in commission.  In addition, the company offers customers a free 30-day trial of their inventory management and asset tracking software so customers can test it risk free before purchasing.
“We encourage customers to try our software and compare it to others in the market,” said Elie Jean …

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Advanced Inventory and Asset Management

BarCloud brings inventory and asset tracking into the cloud for anytime, anywhere access to information and reporting.
San Jose, CA (August 23, 2012)—ASAP Systems (, the market leader in inventory and asset tracking software, today announced enhanced capabilities for its newly released cloud-computing application, BarCloud.  With its new Check In/Check Out feature, users can more efficiently track and manage the inventory and capital assets they have loaned to individuals or other organizations.
Check In/Check Out works much like a library card-companies can attach a due date to assets they are loaning out such as computers, equipment, tools and more.  When the asset is checked back in, it`s then made available to others.  This new feature is useful for businesses that are “loaning” their assets or inventory to employees or clients, such as construction companies, healthcare clinics and hospitals, emergency response companies and others.
“The Check In/Check Out feature is the latest in a …

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Web-Based BarCloud Stock Software for Inventory Management Now Integrates with QuickBooks.

BarCloud uses barcode and RFID technology for inventory tracking in the cloud.
San Jose, CA (August 6, 2012)—ASAP Systems (, the market leader in inventory management and asset tracking software, today announced that its newly released cloud-computing application, BarCloud Stock, now offers full QuickBooks integration.  With just a click of a button, users of BarCloud Stock can easily synchronize their inventory data with the popular business accounting application, automating repetitive tasks such as generating bills, item receipts, inventory adjustments and invoices.
Launched in July, BarCloud Stock is available to companies and organizations as a web-based application for tracking and managing inventory.  Data is centralized in a single online workspace, making it easy for employees to share real-time updates, reports and more.  All users need is an Internet browser to have complete control of their inventory information anytime, anywhere and on any platform.
In addition, BarCloud Stock extends QuickBook`s accounting features, such as tracking items …

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Passport Asset and Inventory Management Software Helps Segs4Vets Track Thousands of Segways Donated to Veterans Throughout the U.S.

Passport uses barcode and RFID technology with Motorola hand-held computers to give users an efficient way to collect data in and outside the warehouse.
San Jose, CA (July 17, 2012)—ASAP Systems (, the market leader in inventory and asset tracking software, is helping nonprofit Segs4Vets to track and manage more than 1,000 Segway electric personal transportation units given to veterans who are permanently disabled after suffering sustained injuries while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.
ASAP Systems Passport software uses barcode and RFID technology with Motorola hand-held computers (mobile scanners) to give individuals the ability to quickly and easily collect information and data about their assets or inventory anywhere at anytime— in the warehouse or in the field.  Passport has been instrumental in helping Segs4Vets to automate and streamline the tracking and management of their assets and inventory from any location in the country.
“We were having issues tracking our inventory manually,” said Allon …

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