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ASAP Systems announces Release of Its Mobile Reporting Feature for Its Online Inventory and Asset Management Software, BarCloud

San Jose, CA (May 29, 2013)— ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems, today announces a new mobile reporting feature that gives users the ability to easily create and export reports using the BarCloud mobile app on their smartphones and tablets.
Using the new reporting feature on the BarCloud mobile app gives users the ability to create and export generated reports directly from their smartphones making online inventory and asset management more efficient on the go.
The new feature gives the ability to select what data to generate in a report. BarCloud mobile app users are given the option to decide which specific columns and criteria to report on. Reports can be created to show asset numbers, locations, costs, model numbers, and serial numbers. On the stock inventory side, typical information is SKUs, descriptions, inventory levels, locations, and for advanced stock inventory tracking data such as lot numbers and expiration dates can be included. …

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ASAP Systems Announces the Integration of Unitech’s Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with Smartphone Devices for its Online Inventory and Asset Tracking Mobile App, BarCloud

San Jose, CA (May 16, 2013)— ASAP Systems, a market leader in barcode based inventory management and asset tracking software, today announces a fast and easy way  of entering barcode data into the BarCloud mobile app on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and other tablet PCs using Unitech’s MS910 compacted Bluetooth scanner.
ASAP Systems provides the ability to quickly scan data directly into the BarCloud online inventory and asset management mobile app for smartphones or tablets so that customers can effectively manage and track inventory and assets. Using the mini-wireless Bluetooth scanner makes transferring inventory and asset data into the BarCloud mobile app convenient with the simplicity of single-button scanning, which makes barcode data collection fast and easy for all users.
The usability of a compacted Bluetooth barcode scanner makes the process of entering inventory and assets into the BarCloud mobile app more effective, saving users valuable time. The small wireless Bluetooth scanner is easily integrated with a …

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ASAP Systems Announces the Release of its Smartphone Mobile App for Barcode Based Inventory Managment and Asset Tracking System, Passport

San Jose, CA (April 30, 2013)— ASAP Systems, a market leader in barcode based inventory management and asset tracking software, allows users to manage standard and advanced inventory including the tracking of expiration dates, serial numbers and batch and lot numbers with the Passport mobile app using smartphones and tablets.
ASAP Systems introduces a new easy-to-use inventory management mobile application for smartphone devices for their Passport inventory system. In addition to the previously released Passport mobile app for asset tracking, ASAP Systems now gives the ability to manage stock inventory quickly and easily on iPhones and Android smartphones, iPads and other tablet PCs. Utilization of the Passport mobile app on smartphones brings stock inventory management quick and easy barcode scanning without extra complexities which only slow down the mobile workforce.
With the new enhanced Passport stock inventory mobile app, customers can now successfully scan barcode information directly into an inventory management database. Smartphones can now be used …

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New Quick Start Guide for its SaaS Online Inventory Management and Asset Tracking System, BarCloud

San Jose, CA (April 16, 2013)— ASAP Systems, a market leader in barcode based inventory management and asset tracking software, today announces its new Quick Start guide for its SaaS Online Inventory and Asset Solution, BarCloud.
ASAP Systems introduces the all-new Quick Start guide for BarCloud online inventory management and asset tracking. It’s an easy-to-use startup tool that brings together the necessary resources for building out a customer’s tracking ecosystem while ensuring rapid implementation. The quick start page provides an effective way for a BarCloud customer to execute their tracking system at the critical first phase of implementation.
Users have the ability to quickly gain experience without having to laboriously flip through pages of a user manual or access an online help guide because the necessary steps are shown right onscreen. In addition, there is the option of turning off the BarCloud Quick Start guide, giving the ability to customize whether assistance is …

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Medical Technology Company Meet FDA and ISO Guidelines for Quality Control with Its Inventory Management Software

San Jose, CA (April 02, 2013)— ASAP Systems, an automated barcode and RFID inventory and asset tracking company, helps medical technology company meet FDA and ISO guidelines for quality control with its inventory management.
ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking software, just released its latest case study, showing how ASAP Passport software has helped Quasar Bio–Tech, Inc., a U.S.–based medical technology company, to meet the strict quality control standards for their product that are required by the FDA and ISO.
Quasar Bio–Tech develops and manufactures a state–of–the–art, handheld light therapy device for acne and anti-aging. Because the device is considered a medical tool, the company has to follow strict guidelines to ensure the quality of their product to customers. If any issue arises, for example, Quasar is required to reference which vendor delivered the inventory in a specific batch, what date it was delivered on, which customers bought products from a …

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ASAP Systems Releases Advanced Features for its SaaS Online Inventory and Asset Solution, BarCloud, Including Analytics, Imaging, and Multi-site

San Jose, CA (March 19, 2013)— New features for BarCloud furthers ASAP Systems innovation leadership in the inventory management and asset tracking industry.
ASAP Systems, a market leader in SaaS online inventory and online asset tracking systems, today announced the release of several advanced features for its cloud-based inventory and asset management solution, BarCloud. ASAP Systems’ customers can now gain critical business insight into their inventory and asset data via analytics charts to make better purchasing and management decisions. A robust set of user-selectable charts and graphs allows users to analyze data quicker than reporting alone allowing to make predictions about the future performance of their assets or inventory.
In addition to data analytics, ASAP Systems released multisite capabilities which allow organizations to separate data by department, location, or warehouse limiting users to their own data. These advanced features further extend ASAP Systems position as the innovation leader for SaaS cloud-based inventory management and asset tracking to …

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Fire Department Track Thousands of Inventory and Asset Items at Multiple Locations

San Jose, CA (February 22, 2013)— Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD), located just outside of Washington D.C., is using ASAP Systems’ Passport software with barcode technology and Motorola handheld scanners to track thousands of items throughout its department, including personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, specialty items and supplies. With ASAP Passport, ACFD is able to easily assess and report on expenditures for each station or office location and employee as well as streamline distribution of items to and from the central logistics warehouse to all of ACFD’s ten stations, five training centers, and the fire marshal’s office.
A market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems for emergency medical services (EMS) organizations, relief organizations and fire rescue, ASAP Systems’ software offers ACFD advanced inventory control features including custom data fields that allow the department to track items by serial number, model number, and expiration date. This is especially important to …

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Secure Online Backup of Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Files with Box

New integration brings files from ASAP Systems into Box to ensure data reliability and availability.
San Jose, CA (February 7, 2013) – ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems, today announced an integration with Box to help businesses and organizations of all types to comprehensively track inventory or fixed assets.  Using ASAP Systems’ web­­–based application, ASAP BarCloud, businesses have a convenient, easy way to track and manage all their inventory and asset information in one place, and they can access that information on any platform 24/7.  By leveraging Box’s secure content sharing platform, ASAP customers can also easily backup their data, ensuring it’s protected from disaster and can be restored within hours should something happen.
“Data backup is a critical component of how our customers plan for and manage their tracking systems,” said ASAP Systems’ Chief Technology Officer Greg Wachowiak. “We recommend everyone have a disaster recovery …

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New Advanced Features for Its Web-Based Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Application

ASAP BarCloud emerging as leading cloud computing software for companies that need to track stock inventory and capital assets.
San Jose, CA (January 17, 2013)—ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems, today announced new enhancements for its cloud-based application, ASAP BarCloud. With its new features, ASAP BarCloud is emerging as an early leader among providers in defining and delivering inventory management and asset tracking solutions online.
Enhancements in ASAP BarCloud include: the ability to rename data field names (essentially customizing the application to the needs of a business) and data backup to Box, a leading provider of online collaboration software.  In addition, ASAP BarCloud is now capable of handling advanced stock inventory, including batch-lot and serial inventory.  Batch­–lot inventory tracking enables companies to track date codes, lot codes and expiration dates.  Serialized inventory allows companies to individually tag items using an ID or serial number.  It also …

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ASAP Systems RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking System Chosen to Help Leading Bank Inventory Thousands of Fixed Assets

San Jose, CA (October 11, 2012) — Banque Libano-Francaise (BLF), a leading Middle Eastern bank with $10.2 billion in capital assets and more than 1,000 employees, is tracking 500 plus fixed assets (such as furniture, IT equipment and more) at fifty branches throughout Lebanon using ASAP Systems’ RFID-enabled asset tracking system.  With the robust system, BLF is able to perform a detailed, accurate inventory of all fixed assets at each of its branches in just one day.  The bank is one of three major Middle Eastern banks that have implemented ASAP Systems’ solutions within the last year to reduce labor costs, losses and thefts—and gain greater awareness of fixed assets.
Prior to working with ASAP Systems, BLF was using a barcode solution that was cumbersome and time-consuming due to the large number of fixed assets the bank’s staff was tracking at the company’s multiple locations.  Employees had to go into each office …

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